Guaranteed Pre-Paid Royalties…For an Uncertain World


Gateway Royalty, LLC is a royalty acquisition company based in Carrollton, Ohio. Our goal is to invest in a broad range of oil and gas royalties across the eastern Ohio counties, which constitute the core of the new Utica shale play. Gateway’s well-capitalized structure enables landowners to “cash out” a portion of their landowner royalties while retaining a significant interest in any wells drilled on their lands.

The Gateway Difference

Gateway Royalty is unlike most companies looking to buy oil and gas minerals. Although most oil and gas companies are interested in purchasing minerals, Gateway Royalty prefers to give you a choice by buying royalties. Our program lets you continue to own 100 percent of your minerals. This means that as a mineral owner selling oil royalties, you decide whether to sign an oil and gas lease and what the terms of that lease may be. By retaining your oil and gas minerals, you are able to enter into any new oil and gas lease on your terms, maintaining control of what happens on your land.

Additionally, as a mineral owner you will receive 100 percent of the lease bonus money for any new oil and gas lease you sign for your Utica Shale property. As the owner of a portion of the landowner’s royalty, Gateway will benefit when and if your oil and gas minerals are put into a successful well, sharing the lease royalty in the portion upon the terms of the agreement.

Second, Gateway prefers to buy less than 100% of your royalties. We think it is a good business decision for the landowner to continue to have an interest in any well drilled on his or her land. A typical royalty purchase by Gateway will be of 25-50% of a landowner’s royalties.

If you or someone you know is interested in exploring options with Gateway Royalty, please click the Submit Your Request link above and fill out the form. One of our knowledgeable associates will call you back within a couple of business days to discuss your options. You are under no obligation to sell oil and gas royalties and all conversations are kept confidential.

Gateway Royalty is here in Carrollton and we’re here for you!